I think June is making up for time with all the rain we are getting.  Trees are happy as are all the grasses and wild plants.  Not as happy are people and vegetable gardeners.  Peas might like all this water but most gardens do not.

I can sit in a sheltered spot and enjoy the rain, as I do on my porch.  When I was recently in the United Arab Emirates, there were a couple of days and / or nights of rain.  I sat on a balcony in the wee hours of morning to watch a storm in the distance, and to try to photograph lightning.  For an amateur at photographing something as fast as lightning, this was an interesting challenge, and through may failed attempts, came up with one I like.


During 1 rainy morning, I was sitting on the front seat of a car, when it dawned on me I could be using my camera to see what sort of distorted images I could get.  No need for computer programs to make distorted images.  I had it right in front of me, so, SNAP, I got an image, a distorted image, that I liked, of the outside of a restaurant.


Now that I am back in North America, I spend a bit more time watching rain, and its effect on all of us.  We have the feeling we are living in a swamp with all the water sitting on the land.  Soon it will all disappear and we will be again wishing for water for our gardens and for the water table.  It would seem we humans are never satisfied!

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