Water that is not or is it?

It is that time of year when most water around us is frozen.  Not so this year as it is the middle of December and we still have relatively mild temperatures outside.  Even so, I have been thinking of water, or liquid, which does not appear to be liquid.  Glass!

I know it sounds strange as you can touch glass with strength and it is hard.  You can cut it into pieces.  You can shape it with heat.  Did you ever look at a very old window pane?  If it is very old, it will appear lumpy at the bottom, or out of focus as you look through it.  this is because glass is a unique sort of liquid that flows with gravity, very, very slowly.

This is actually considered to be a myth.  There are arguments for both sides, the one against being a highly viscous liquid  gaining higher evidence.  It is likely that this is right and glass will be officially considered a solid.  It is fun, though, to picture it moving, very slowly……

Glass shapes can be really interesting.  I encountered some as I was waiting in a dentist’s office. At first I saw plain glass blocks in frames and here and there in the walls.  Then I saw them in a different light, really in a different light.  Each block took on its own persona, colours, shapes within each frame.  Fascinating!  the colours came from the lights, clothing, wallpapers…….Blue Spirit by Eve Ticknor







Meeting of the Minds by Eve Ticknor

Green Devil by Eve Ticknor

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