Water Droplets

by   Eve D. Ticknor

commentary by Carol G. Pennell

When, two or three years ago, I happened upon Eve Ticknor’s photographs, I became a fan.  Eve notices the patterns in moving water and brings them to the viewer’s attention with photographs that resemble abstract paintings.  Each picture is a meditation –  the undulation of reflected colors on the surface, pebbles on the bottom, ripples, whirlpools, glints of light.

This year I’ve noticed that Eve’s unique vision is evolving, becoming more complex.
Where the earlier work discovered pattern and motion, there is a subtle difference with some of the new photographs. They appear to examine the bits of nature she’s discovered, teasing out a story.  In one picture, the force of a stream piles up behind a smooth stone and lacey spray leaps over a trapped leaf splayed on the rock.

With a camera and her unique vision, Eve shows us art in nature that we’ve overlooked.
She focuses on a few square inches at a time, a few moments, and finds a new art that may be without limits.

Commentary by Denise Leavitt

I can still remember when I saw Eve Ticknor’s photographs at an art gallery. Small, but mighty, I had to come in for a closer look! I knew they were photos, but they contained so much more. I was truly mesmerized. They were the stuff of our everyday vision, but they were the things that fly so fast by our eyes, that our brains do not consciously register them. When Eve freezes them, we are able to fully appreciate them, like gems. She does not alter the images. This is our world, captured in little microcosms of swirling color, reflections and patterns, for us to examine at our leisure!  One of my first reactions was that I wanted to reproduce them on fabric and wear them. But I so enjoy them just as they are–jewels to contemplate and enjoy.To me, Eve’s photographs are little islands of beauty in a frantic, tech-crazed world. They remind me of the things that truly matter.