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New Highs

IMG_6538 IMG_7407The roller coaster rises again. I was successful in submitting 2 photos to the Juried Show at the Depot Gallery, 2 that were chosen to hang in the Gallery! This is quite exciting for me. Next season, a solo show there.

I will have photos in an upcoming Conference in Burlington, Vt during November, as well as the Annual Show and Sale during December at the Paine Memorial Library in Willsboro, NY.

Everywhere I go, I see potential for my photos. Water is everywhere. My goal is to show you how to look, not just to see. You can see the reflection of a boat in the water. Lovely boat. So what? Well, look again. Focus on just part of the reflection. What is happening? Is the light changing, the current moving, the wind starting to blow? Look at your boat, at the small section you are focusing on. It will be changing. Parts of the reflection will not stay together. They may make a new design, a new picture. Try it the next time you go out for a ride. Go down to a marina and check out a reflection. See if it works for you. Try it on water somewhere else, with a reflection that is not a boat. Think of what is happening. Let me know.

New Ways of Seeing

Beginning Adventure, by Eve Ticknor

Beginning Adventure, by Eve Ticknor

My first website.  Pretty exciting!  This has taken much thought, and pressure from various people to arrive at this point.  Being a relatively private person, it is a bit unnerving to put myself “out there”  On the other hand, I have always loved sharing my photos with others.  So, here we go!

Water is everywhere, so I never run out of locations.  I look for reflections, movement, colour and natural light.  Movement is by water, wind or mechanical.

Thinking back on where I started is nearly impossible, with all the photographs I have taken over the years.  However I know where I was when the idea of getting into this seriously hit me.  I was at Rouses Point, on Stoney Rd, and was photographing reflections of moving reeds.  Upon returning home, I showed them to my mother and told her of my interest in concentrating my photography to water.  She agreed with me and has supported me since then.

I do have a  particular goal in mind, but I think I’ll save that for the next message.