Fog around the BoathouseThis summer has been a bit different from most summers in the past, as far as my memories go.  So much rain.  We have always had rain and high heat coupled with high humidity.  I can remember one July, maybe 1985, where it rained daily for the whole month, made worse by having 6 young boys with me the whole time!

Photography has been a bit difficult by the heavy air, not as light and clear as I would like.  But I have managed a few, one in fog and one at night in the heavy air.

Fog is an interesting condition when doing photography, at least for me.  This time I managed to be on the outside of the fog which meant my lens stayed dry, giving a clear picture.  One can see the ferry pylons past the boathouse, surrounded by fog, which was blowing off fairly quickly. As it was disappearing too fast for me, I turned my attention again to distorted images and found a great one right below the boathouse, the reversal of a hammock, seen in a previous photo of mine with the owner in it.  I have often taken photos of the Rosslyn Boathouse in Essex, NY, a less abstract subject though still connected with water.  One aspect of this is its hammock.  A good friend of mine, George Davis, has posted some of them on his website.

Hammock Reversal

Eve Ticknor’s Boathouse Photos






Moving on to heavy air, all that humidity, or water, makes us feel heavier.  And all that water can distort your target when shooting.  This happened when shooting ferry lights on a humid night.  It put an interesting fuzziness on the whole photograph.

Sultry Summer Lights

Sultry Summer Lights



Amazing what water can do when not in a container.  Remember, lakes, rivers, etc are all in containers of sorts, albeit unconventional ones.

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