Double Step

Yellow House, GalleryWith full force, spring is here, as you know.  Now I will probably annoy anyone driving with me as I am constantly stopping by every waterway I come across, ponds, rivers, streams, ditches, etc.

On sunny days I can be found next to any of the above, camera at hand, searching for that elusive “the one” that is out there somewhere.  So I go around to favourite spots snapping photos everywhere to be sorted later.

Lately I have been photographing grasses in ditches and small streams.  These make for interesting shapes.  I search for small stones with water running shallowly over them.   The sun is key to the stones as it enables me to get some wonderful colours.

Life has a way of interfering with my plans.  A brief hiatus turned into more.  At this point, summer is here and with it Art Shows and opportunities for photography.  In Essex, NY, we have a wonderful home for our Gallery, the “Yellow House”.  It makes hanging the art much more interesting, in a better setting.  I have some of my photos in the 4 shows here, plus a larger solo show at Valour Imaging in Plattsburgh.

Spring Promises

reflections in a roadside ditch.

reflections in a roadside ditch.

Spring Rings

It has been a while since my last blog, but so has winter. for me, too much snow followed by too much rain. Flooding has begun and I hope it isn’t too bad this year.

On the other hand, rain means melting. Streams are finally opening up and, although there is an over abundance of water in them, rushing about, I can finally see what is under all that water. Rocks, big ones, little ones, rocks. Add in the sunlight and I get very interesting designs and patterns. I could take hundreds of these and probably never be sated.

Another source of water photos is the drips in spring under bridges.  With lots of snow still on the ground, I find my best was to take photos is to lean over the railing, half lying on it, to be able to get decent colours and markers of the patterns.

Spring is also a time to gear up for Art Shows, and the harder job of choosing what to put in the shows.  So stay tuned.  You never know when I’ll add more here.


Winter Musings by Eve Ticknor

DeGaulle by Eve Ticknor Blue Ice Bottle by Eve Ticknor Round Ice Bottle by Eve Ticknor Feet by Eve TicknorWinters are changing, and not to my liking.  Too cold, too windy, too much ice.  Well, ice underfoot and sealing car doors shut.  But there are other kinds of ice, more to my liking.  I wish I were able to watch the ice sculpting itself, to learn how it decides what shape to become.

One kind of interesting ice is that formed in a flat sheet over a puddle,  It seems to have etchings or layers or cracks, etc.  One had lines as if sketching a person’s silhouette, to me looking like Charles De Gaulle.


Then last March, I found a patch of ice along the side of a gravel road by a wetland.  Here I took several photos of ice in an area smaller than a square foot.  The result is ice looking like 2 kinds of bottles!  I have yet to find this kind anywhere else.

Along the sides of streams partly open, I can find several kinds of ice.  The most interesting is a sort of bubbly ice as if someone were there with a large straw blowing bubbles. One photo I took of this kind is ice looking like a pair of feet, complete with toenails.

How is it that ice can resemble familiar things to us?  Why can we be looking at the same photo of ice, yet see different things?


‘Tween Times

Ice Bird

Ice Bird

This year November feels like the “tween month, past fall but not yet winter  in the way the weather is behaving.  Some days are warm, and I still see dandelions blooming.  Other days are freezing with ice forming over the water.  A few days ago, I saw a rose bush with its delicate pale pink flowers in bloom!  2 days later I was scraping the car windows.

Much of what makes interesting photos in the water have gone now.  These are mostly the boats in marinas, and leafy trees, especially those in fall colours.  But that does not mean I have to wait until next spring.  Not at all.  Buildings can make interesting shapes in their reflections.  Bare branches hanging over water, rain drops, ducks swimming or diving for food, all make shapes, moving shapes in water.

I start to look for frozen areas now, both along the edges of ponds and streams, as well as puddle and tire ruts.  After all, ice is merely frozen water, as is snow, so the months ahead are still full of opportunities for my art.

Keep your eyes open.  You may find very interesting situations everywhere.  Look at the image here, my “Ice Bird”.  It looks like a bird.  But look closer.  It is actually a leaf in a frozen rut from a truck tire.  The black is dirt, the white is ice, the brown is a folded leaf dropped from a nearby tree, the branch is a tiny one that also dropped in a wind.

Look around you.  Then, look again.

Blase? Never

I could tell you that this is becoming “old hat” but that would so untrue. Thanks to George for coming to my rescue!

Strong winds, tall figures, all can make my photography rather difficult. However, winds with less speed are much better for me. In a series of photographs, I can show you why I don’t agree.

I pay particular attention to the weather since it can make a drastic difference to my photography. A little rain is ok since it helps to make images. However too much ruins it all.

Add in some sunlight to bring out the colour and I can have a fantastic photograph. So I will show you by steps how I ended up with an interesting photo when I hadn’t been seeking this particular one.

New Steps

Leafy Harvest by Eve Ticknor

Leafy Harvest by Eve Ticknor

Baby steps are growing. Thanks to George, I am slowly remembering the steps needed to manage my website, and to give you new photos and a new blog now and then.

Autumn is a wonderful season for colours. We immediately think of leaves on trees, or on our lawns, needing raking up. Leaves fall on the ground in natural areas, and on or in water, and those are the ones that interest me the most right now.
The best water is a stream running over small rocks, not too deep, with a few leaves already underwater. Find some and look at them.
Where are they? How are they being changed? Do they look different under grey skies, or under sunny skies?

I love finding them when it is sunny, and looking to see if they are saying anything to me. Often I begin to see faces or animals, which I didn’t see when taking the photos.

So train your eyes to see the possibilities. It is akin to seeing someone who is not especially attractive and finding their inner beauty. It is there, and well worth the effort.

New Highs

IMG_6538 IMG_7407The roller coaster rises again. I was successful in submitting 2 photos to the Juried Show at the Depot Gallery, 2 that were chosen to hang in the Gallery! This is quite exciting for me. Next season, a solo show there.

I will have photos in an upcoming Conference in Burlington, Vt during November, as well as the Annual Show and Sale during December at the Paine Memorial Library in Willsboro, NY.

Everywhere I go, I see potential for my photos. Water is everywhere. My goal is to show you how to look, not just to see. You can see the reflection of a boat in the water. Lovely boat. So what? Well, look again. Focus on just part of the reflection. What is happening? Is the light changing, the current moving, the wind starting to blow? Look at your boat, at the small section you are focusing on. It will be changing. Parts of the reflection will not stay together. They may make a new design, a new picture. Try it the next time you go out for a ride. Go down to a marina and check out a reflection. See if it works for you. Try it on water somewhere else, with a reflection that is not a boat. Think of what is happening. Let me know.

New Ways of Seeing

Beginning Adventure, by Eve Ticknor

Beginning Adventure, by Eve Ticknor

My first website.  Pretty exciting!  This has taken much thought, and pressure from various people to arrive at this point.  Being a relatively private person, it is a bit unnerving to put myself “out there”  On the other hand, I have always loved sharing my photos with others.  So, here we go!

Water is everywhere, so I never run out of locations.  I look for reflections, movement, colour and natural light.  Movement is by water, wind or mechanical.

Thinking back on where I started is nearly impossible, with all the photographs I have taken over the years.  However I know where I was when the idea of getting into this seriously hit me.  I was at Rouses Point, on Stoney Rd, and was photographing reflections of moving reeds.  Upon returning home, I showed them to my mother and told her of my interest in concentrating my photography to water.  She agreed with me and has supported me since then.

I do have a  particular goal in mind, but I think I’ll save that for the next message.