New Steps

Leafy Harvest by Eve Ticknor

Leafy Harvest by Eve Ticknor

Baby steps are growing. Thanks to George, I am slowly remembering the steps needed to manage my website, and to give you new photos and a new blog now and then.

Autumn is a wonderful season for colours. We immediately think of leaves on trees, or on our lawns, needing raking up. Leaves fall on the ground in natural areas, and on or in water, and those are the ones that interest me the most right now.
The best water is a stream running over small rocks, not too deep, with a few leaves already underwater. Find some and look at them.
Where are they? How are they being changed? Do they look different under grey skies, or under sunny skies?

I love finding them when it is sunny, and looking to see if they are saying anything to me. Often I begin to see faces or animals, which I didn’t see when taking the photos.

So train your eyes to see the possibilities. It is akin to seeing someone who is not especially attractive and finding their inner beauty. It is there, and well worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “New Steps

  1. Fan

    Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder… adding color to what you see underwater is another
    of your new ways of seeing….keep going – can’t wait to see water and ice!

  2. Fan

    I like how your seeing has gone from surface reflections to through the water to the colors and shapes below. Wonder where your visual sense will take you next.
    Happy October!

  3. Fan

    Looking forward to seeing your exhibit in Burlington this weekend. Love the “Leafy Harvest”
    November post coming soon I hope.


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