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Where is?

Lots of “water under the bridge” since my last posting.  Time and I don’t always see eye to eye. My time can be spent taking photos here and there, or going over past photos to see what might apply to my needs of the moment.

Nature photos intersperse with water photos and ice photos depending on the season and interest.  Frozen water often has distortions that time has stopped. Ice photos will be for another posting.

I see birds in some of my water photos.  Distorted images in water make for the most interesting pictures. Wind can often play into this.  If you are looking at a reflection in water and something comes by and sends the reflection in different wavy directions, you can often see other things such as faces in those distortions.  Some are akin to “Where’s Waldo?”.








A reflection at the top of a small waterfall becomes the head of a heron. Small stones in a running stream compile together to become a rabbit or a lizard or a turtle.  The images are not always apparent when fist looking in a suitable area.  The key is suitable. I need to check out the necessary conditions for different areas, such as light, water movement, reflections, strength of colours or markings, etc.


So what do you see when you look at photos, or when you are out in nature?


I think June is making up for time with all the rain we are getting.  Trees are happy as are all the grasses and wild plants.  Not as happy are people and vegetable gardeners.  Peas might like all this water but most gardens do not.

I can sit in a sheltered spot and enjoy the rain, as I do on my porch.  When I was recently in the United Arab Emirates, there were a couple of days and / or nights of rain.  I sat on a balcony in the wee hours of morning to watch a storm in the distance, and to try to photograph lightning.  For an amateur at photographing something as fast as lightning, this was an interesting challenge, and through may failed attempts, came up with one I like.


During 1 rainy morning, I was sitting on the front seat of a car, when it dawned on me I could be using my camera to see what sort of distorted images I could get.  No need for computer programs to make distorted images.  I had it right in front of me, so, SNAP, I got an image, a distorted image, that I liked, of the outside of a restaurant.


Now that I am back in North America, I spend a bit more time watching rain, and its effect on all of us.  We have the feeling we are living in a swamp with all the water sitting on the land.  Soon it will all disappear and we will be again wishing for water for our gardens and for the water table.  It would seem we humans are never satisfied!


Once in a while  events happen that change one’s focus and that is where I am right now.  Several starts to posts never got off the ground and suddenly it is a year or more since my last one.

An opportunity to visit the Middle East this spring changed my train of thought and the focus I would have published here today.  I had a 3-week visit to the United Arab Emirates, more specifically to Ras Al Kaimah, the northernmost of the Emirates.  It appeared to be the safest of all countries in the Middle East, a fact that led to my deciding to go there.  My youngest son is a teacher there in a Boy’s Highschool.  It is another world, so different from ours here.  Needless to say, my camera went with me. His apartment complex is between a large golf course lagoon and the Arabian Gulf.

Desert, sand, 5 million-year-old mountains, camels and a specialized hospital for falcons, a far move from my usual interest in water and water photography.  Yes, but there were opportunities for that as well, especially when visiting the Dubai Aquarium.  That structure covers 2 or 3 floors in a shopping mall, and houses a shark-breeding program along with the usual large and small tank denizens.






Other than counting the many camels wandering over the hills and beside roads, the Aquarium was the source of many photographs.  There was a huge tank visible to shoppers in the mall.  There was so much more behind this.  We walked right under the main tank with sharks and rays swimming overhead. We looked in many smaller tanks. Between the colourful fish swimming around and various plants and corals, lights bounced off the sides, augmented by the movements of the water, I got a few good photos of the abstract watery images that I like to use.

Aquariums are a wonderful source of colour as can be outdoor swimming pools. Next time I go, I will bring my underwater camera.  Colourful tiles and an underwater grate in a swimming pool gave me much to work with.  It is amazing what can resemble a fish.  Remember, I do not retouch any of my photographs or otherwise change them.






I will continue this narrative in my next posting, with new photographs.



This has been  a strange winter, a delayed winter, with nearly no snow in the Willsboro / Essex area.   Most of the lake is still open, just freezing around the edges.  And this is where I found an area with interesting ice.

A favourite but private section of shoreline, there are many stones of different colours, mostly small and roundish and smooth, beaten by waves all the time.  I love going there, sitting among the stones, fascinated by all the colours and shapes.  The only kind I recognize is a strong blue which is granite. But reds, pinks, yellows, browns, mottled, occasional green……….

So 2 days ago, I took my camera and went over to see what the shore looked like now.  I stood on the bank above the shore since it all looked really slippery.  And, Wow, so interesting with the ice buildup with help from waves and wind.  This year has been really windy, perhaps more than in other years.

There must be an inch or so on each stone, with some evolving into shapes with darkish enters, some clear through, showing no stone.  And stones aren’t all that has been touched, or encased, by ice.  I found leaves and bits of plants, also with an inch or so, without even crushing the leaves.Icy Leaves by Eve Ticknor Cold Stones by Eve Ticknor

Beach, anyone? by Eve  Ticknor A Star is born by Eve Ticknor

How do you see?

Top of a waterfall By Eve Ticknor

Top of a waterfall
By Eve Ticknor

Swan Taking to Wing By Eve Ticknor

Swan Taking to Wing
By Eve Ticknor

Silvery forest By Eve Ticknor

Silvery forest
By Eve Ticknor


In all the photos I have been taking over several years, I know if the conditions are right for me, I will see images in the pictures after they are printed out.

The fun is in asking others to look at a photo and tell me what they see.  Obviously my interpretations and others’ interpretations can be different.  Still, many do look at my photos and see nothing.  It used to bother me, until I realized that I could teach others how to look, how to see.

Take a photo, preferably one that is more on the abstract side, but with substance, as in not just 3 lines.  Focus on 1 section and see if anything comes to mind.  Then shift your focus to another part and do the same.  Turn the photo upside down or on 1 side, and do the same you did with the first side.  Continue for the remaining sides.  Did you see anything that made sense?  Anything that made you look at it differently after that?

I have a photo which made perfect sense the way I took it.  However, in showing it around, it was immediately turned around and declared to be an entirely different  subject.  After a while, it was turned onto its side and, surprise, surprise, it was again something entirely different.

Top of a waterfall By Eve Ticknor

Top of a waterfall
By Eve Ticknor

Autumn Advances


Floater by Eve Ticknor

Autumn has snuck up on me and I just realized I have been remiss with the lack of blogs. Such is life.

Autumn is a wonderful season, full of colour. The past few weeks has seen me leaning over all sorts of bridges. Why? Falling leaves. Leaves floating by, leaves sitting on the bottom of whatever waterway I happen to be leaning over. Some look just like paintings. The ones floating on the surface may look like little boats or a piece of oriental art while the ones below the water often look full of life, rushing by faster than I can snap the shutter. There is a whole different feel to them, different texture, perhaps changes in colour.

As the season progresses we will see less colour, but make up for it with ice.  Ice is pretty amazing, creeping bit by bit.  But look closely.  Do you see bits of colour on a sunny day?  What about designs?  How many kinds of ice do you see?  But enough of this.  Let’s stick to leaves for now.IMG_7609

Spring Promises

reflections in a roadside ditch.

reflections in a roadside ditch.

Spring Rings

It has been a while since my last blog, but so has winter. for me, too much snow followed by too much rain. Flooding has begun and I hope it isn’t too bad this year.

On the other hand, rain means melting. Streams are finally opening up and, although there is an over abundance of water in them, rushing about, I can finally see what is under all that water. Rocks, big ones, little ones, rocks. Add in the sunlight and I get very interesting designs and patterns. I could take hundreds of these and probably never be sated.

Another source of water photos is the drips in spring under bridges.  With lots of snow still on the ground, I find my best was to take photos is to lean over the railing, half lying on it, to be able to get decent colours and markers of the patterns.

Spring is also a time to gear up for Art Shows, and the harder job of choosing what to put in the shows.  So stay tuned.  You never know when I’ll add more here.


‘Tween Times

Ice Bird

Ice Bird

This year November feels like the “tween month, past fall but not yet winter  in the way the weather is behaving.  Some days are warm, and I still see dandelions blooming.  Other days are freezing with ice forming over the water.  A few days ago, I saw a rose bush with its delicate pale pink flowers in bloom!  2 days later I was scraping the car windows.

Much of what makes interesting photos in the water have gone now.  These are mostly the boats in marinas, and leafy trees, especially those in fall colours.  But that does not mean I have to wait until next spring.  Not at all.  Buildings can make interesting shapes in their reflections.  Bare branches hanging over water, rain drops, ducks swimming or diving for food, all make shapes, moving shapes in water.

I start to look for frozen areas now, both along the edges of ponds and streams, as well as puddle and tire ruts.  After all, ice is merely frozen water, as is snow, so the months ahead are still full of opportunities for my art.

Keep your eyes open.  You may find very interesting situations everywhere.  Look at the image here, my “Ice Bird”.  It looks like a bird.  But look closer.  It is actually a leaf in a frozen rut from a truck tire.  The black is dirt, the white is ice, the brown is a folded leaf dropped from a nearby tree, the branch is a tiny one that also dropped in a wind.

Look around you.  Then, look again.

New Steps

Leafy Harvest by Eve Ticknor

Leafy Harvest by Eve Ticknor

Baby steps are growing. Thanks to George, I am slowly remembering the steps needed to manage my website, and to give you new photos and a new blog now and then.

Autumn is a wonderful season for colours. We immediately think of leaves on trees, or on our lawns, needing raking up. Leaves fall on the ground in natural areas, and on or in water, and those are the ones that interest me the most right now.
The best water is a stream running over small rocks, not too deep, with a few leaves already underwater. Find some and look at them.
Where are they? How are they being changed? Do they look different under grey skies, or under sunny skies?

I love finding them when it is sunny, and looking to see if they are saying anything to me. Often I begin to see faces or animals, which I didn’t see when taking the photos.

So train your eyes to see the possibilities. It is akin to seeing someone who is not especially attractive and finding their inner beauty. It is there, and well worth the effort.

New Ways of Seeing

Beginning Adventure, by Eve Ticknor

Beginning Adventure, by Eve Ticknor

My first website.  Pretty exciting!  This has taken much thought, and pressure from various people to arrive at this point.  Being a relatively private person, it is a bit unnerving to put myself “out there”  On the other hand, I have always loved sharing my photos with others.  So, here we go!

Water is everywhere, so I never run out of locations.  I look for reflections, movement, colour and natural light.  Movement is by water, wind or mechanical.

Thinking back on where I started is nearly impossible, with all the photographs I have taken over the years.  However I know where I was when the idea of getting into this seriously hit me.  I was at Rouses Point, on Stoney Rd, and was photographing reflections of moving reeds.  Upon returning home, I showed them to my mother and told her of my interest in concentrating my photography to water.  She agreed with me and has supported me since then.

I do have a  particular goal in mind, but I think I’ll save that for the next message.