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This has been  a strange winter, a delayed winter, with nearly no snow in the Willsboro / Essex area.   Most of the lake is still open, just freezing around the edges.  And this is where I found an area with interesting ice.

A favourite but private section of shoreline, there are many stones of different colours, mostly small and roundish and smooth, beaten by waves all the time.  I love going there, sitting among the stones, fascinated by all the colours and shapes.  The only kind I recognize is a strong blue which is granite. But reds, pinks, yellows, browns, mottled, occasional green……….

So 2 days ago, I took my camera and went over to see what the shore looked like now.  I stood on the bank above the shore since it all looked really slippery.  And, Wow, so interesting with the ice buildup with help from waves and wind.  This year has been really windy, perhaps more than in other years.

There must be an inch or so on each stone, with some evolving into shapes with darkish enters, some clear through, showing no stone.  And stones aren’t all that has been touched, or encased, by ice.  I found leaves and bits of plants, also with an inch or so, without even crushing the leaves.Icy Leaves by Eve Ticknor Cold Stones by Eve Ticknor

Beach, anyone? by Eve  Ticknor A Star is born by Eve Ticknor

Double Step

Yellow House, GalleryWith full force, spring is here, as you know.  Now I will probably annoy anyone driving with me as I am constantly stopping by every waterway I come across, ponds, rivers, streams, ditches, etc.

On sunny days I can be found next to any of the above, camera at hand, searching for that elusive “the one” that is out there somewhere.  So I go around to favourite spots snapping photos everywhere to be sorted later.

Lately I have been photographing grasses in ditches and small streams.  These make for interesting shapes.  I search for small stones with water running shallowly over them.   The sun is key to the stones as it enables me to get some wonderful colours.

Life has a way of interfering with my plans.  A brief hiatus turned into more.  At this point, summer is here and with it Art Shows and opportunities for photography.  In Essex, NY, we have a wonderful home for our Gallery, the “Yellow House”.  It makes hanging the art much more interesting, in a better setting.  I have some of my photos in the 4 shows here, plus a larger solo show at Valour Imaging in Plattsburgh.