About Eve Ticknor

EDTI have been interested in photography since I was a child.  At that time it was a Brownie box-style camera and it was considered “taking pictures” of anything and everything.  In secondary school I was the official photographer for our senior class, still with  box-style cameras.  I still spent many years with point-and-shoot cameras, not specializing in any particular area.

A few years ago, I decided to get into the digital world. It was time to mature as a photographer.  My camera of choice is the Canon SX20IS, and I am now still learning all the different aspects of using it.  One should never stop learning.

My photography is nature, specializing in water.  You will see in my photographs, ways to see water, not just to look at it.  Honing your observation skills will open your eyes to other worlds.

I am self-taught, a satisfying journey with no end.  My subjects are “found”, not fabricated.  I do not believe in using a computer for touchups, or photoshopping the scene.  What you see is what I see.

I am a member of the Northern New York Audubon Society, the Crown Point Bird Banding Association, the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club, the Innis Point Bird Observatory and the Kingston Field Naturalists Club.

I am also a member of the Adirondack Art Association and the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts.


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    1. eveticknor Post author

      Where better to play hookey than on a boathouse on Lake Champlain? An enviable position. I thank you for your choice comments.

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