Monthly Archives: March 2015

Light Waves

Light Wave by Eve TicknorIt is finally spring and yet, it still does not seem to really be spring.  The winds are strong and cold, and our ground is relatively dry.  We should have had much more snow and rain to top up the water table.  Looking at the Lake, we can see that the level is low.  I worry about our trees.  Drought takes a toll on trees, not always showing the damage until later.

You should not be surprised at my take on the weather, seeing that my main interest in photography involves water.  Recently I enjoyed another aspect of water.  I went to the new aquarium in Toronto ( Ontario ).  As much as I enjoyed the exhibits, I enjoyed the colours in the water just as much.

Ice Paintings

Ice Detail by Eve TicknorIce Feathering by Eve TicknorRed Craze by Eve TicknorNature never ceases to amaze me with her artistry.  At this time of year my medium is frozen, water that is.  Ice.  So many different forms.

Very recently I went to view the marina at Brockville, Ont. It is along the St Lawrence Seaway.  Surface ice had formed in several textures.  At first, seeing buildings reflected in water, turned out to be reflected in really clear ice.  So clear, that In places I could see the bottom of the marina.

Next I decided to take some closeups in those reflections.  And suddenly the ice looked differently to me, and I realized that it was all covered with designs formed from crystals, streaking here and there in many different directions that had captured the colours seen in the reflections.

I continued to take photos here and there, fascinated with the colours and designs.  But then I moved on to another area, a river running through a marsh.  Much of the river was frozen with white ice, but here and there were clear areas, again with the same kind of crystalline designs as in the marina.

Now that we just had some snow, all that will change, and those lovely designs won’t be seen anymore.  Both the moisture and change in temperature in the layer between snow and ice, will delete the designs and it will become more like white ice as you may have seen when skating rinks are cleared off.  The ice then, used for skating, will be thick and white.