Monthly Archives: July 2014

Double Step

Yellow House, GalleryWith full force, spring is here, as you know.  Now I will probably annoy anyone driving with me as I am constantly stopping by every waterway I come across, ponds, rivers, streams, ditches, etc.

On sunny days I can be found next to any of the above, camera at hand, searching for that elusive “the one” that is out there somewhere.  So I go around to favourite spots snapping photos everywhere to be sorted later.

Lately I have been photographing grasses in ditches and small streams.  These make for interesting shapes.  I search for small stones with water running shallowly over them.   The sun is key to the stones as it enables me to get some wonderful colours.

Life has a way of interfering with my plans.  A brief hiatus turned into more.  At this point, summer is here and with it Art Shows and opportunities for photography.  In Essex, NY, we have a wonderful home for our Gallery, the “Yellow House”.  It makes hanging the art much more interesting, in a better setting.  I have some of my photos in the 4 shows here, plus a larger solo show at Valour Imaging in Plattsburgh.