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‘Tween Times

Ice Bird

Ice Bird

This year November feels like the “tween month, past fall but not yet winter  in the way the weather is behaving.  Some days are warm, and I still see dandelions blooming.  Other days are freezing with ice forming over the water.  A few days ago, I saw a rose bush with its delicate pale pink flowers in bloom!  2 days later I was scraping the car windows.

Much of what makes interesting photos in the water have gone now.  These are mostly the boats in marinas, and leafy trees, especially those in fall colours.  But that does not mean I have to wait until next spring.  Not at all.  Buildings can make interesting shapes in their reflections.  Bare branches hanging over water, rain drops, ducks swimming or diving for food, all make shapes, moving shapes in water.

I start to look for frozen areas now, both along the edges of ponds and streams, as well as puddle and tire ruts.  After all, ice is merely frozen water, as is snow, so the months ahead are still full of opportunities for my art.

Keep your eyes open.  You may find very interesting situations everywhere.  Look at the image here, my “Ice Bird”.  It looks like a bird.  But look closer.  It is actually a leaf in a frozen rut from a truck tire.  The black is dirt, the white is ice, the brown is a folded leaf dropped from a nearby tree, the branch is a tiny one that also dropped in a wind.

Look around you.  Then, look again.

Blase? Never

I could tell you that this is becoming “old hat” but that would so untrue. Thanks to George for coming to my rescue!

Strong winds, tall figures, all can make my photography rather difficult. However, winds with less speed are much better for me. In a series of photographs, I can show you why I don’t agree.

I pay particular attention to the weather since it can make a drastic difference to my photography. A little rain is ok since it helps to make images. However too much ruins it all.

Add in some sunlight to bring out the colour and I can have a fantastic photograph. So I will show you by steps how I ended up with an interesting photo when I hadn’t been seeking this particular one.